Sunday, September 19, 2010


The boys recently received "Flats" from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to my friend Sharon where I got the idea for this "pen pal" like exchange through the Flat Stanley website.

The premise of this exchange came from the book "Flat Stanley". In the book a young boy gets flattened and is then small enough for his parents to send him in the mail to visit far off places. There is a website that you can register and contact other classes or homeschooling families to send your own "Flat" to. This is the second time we have hosted "Flats".

Here are the boys with the "Flats" from Reunion Island at the river in Sequoia National Park. We enjoyed taking them around our community snapping photos of the paper people. It is a wonderful way for the boys to share about their live as well as learn about other communities around the world.

Our next project is to send our own "Flats" to New Zealand to another homeschooling family. Above you can see Mack's "Flat Stubbie" and Milo's "Flat Milo". We will have to keep you posted for when they return.

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