Friday, September 3, 2010

Let the Homeschooling begin....

This week marked the offical beginning of our homeschooling year (or when we have to actually collect samples to turn into the boys' charter school).

Milo is embarking into homeschooling this year and Mack is in the 5th grade.
Friday culminated with a visit to a local preserve that Mack and I are volunteer rangers at.

We spent an hour catching frogs and marveling at the variety of colors, markings and speed of these little creatures. We even watched a huge wasp that was at least two inches in length and had beauitful organge wings (see picture to right). When we got home we realized we had found a tarantula hawk!


  1. You have got to be the coolest mom EVER! I have a weird phobia about frogs/toads so I could never do what you did! HA!

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha! What is funny when we got home and did our research we learned that the tarantula hawk has one of the worse stings, extremely painful. I was up close and personal trying to get my shot. Glad I didn't get stung.